Medallions of Pork Fillet with Onion Puree, Mustard Seed Jus, Duck Fat Potatoes and Black Pudding

This recipe was written by Kevin Blakeman a fantastic Chef who I was privileged to meet at Takapuna Farmers Market in 2009.  Since then I have enjoyed wonderful meals by Kevin who is not only a talented Chef but an amazing person who has many stories to tell of his cooking experiences in New Zealand and the UK.   Recently Kevin did a cooking demonstration for us at the Hobsonville Farmers Market where he created this most wonderful dish with Farm Gate free range pork eye fillet and our black pudding.  Check out Kevin’s website.
If you are ever looking for a Chef to create the perfect dinner party for you at home (and do the dishes at the end) Kevin is the one to call. 

Medallions of Pork Fillet with Onion Puree, Mustard Seed Jus, Duck Fat Potatoes and Black Pudding

Ingredients – Serves 4
400g Pork fillet
500ml Beef Stock
2 Large white onions, roughly chopped
300ml Jus (rich gravy)
25g Mustard seeds
3 Large Agria potatoes
500g Duck fat
200g Black pudding

  • Preferably the day before trim the fat from the pork and roll in glad wrap to form sausage shapes.
  • If you’re making the jus yourself then you can also do this the day before. You can do this by roasting beef bones then boiling them in water with carrots, celery, leek, garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns and onions to make a dark beef stock. You then discard the vegetables and bones and reduce the liquid with red wine. When you have a rich dark gravy then it is ready. In the restaurant we get approximately 3 litres from a 20 litre stock pot so you have to reduce this quite a bit.
  • From here you have a base jus for which you can make any flavour you like, for this recipe simply add mustard seeds to your jus and simmer for 5 minutes to soften the mustard seeds.
  • For the onion puree: Combine salt and pepper with the peeled and chopped onions and beef stock then reduce until you only have approximately 100ml of liquid. Puree and set aside.
  • For the potatoes: You can cut these to the shape you like, I use a Parisienne scoop and shape like melon balls. In a deep tray melt the duck fat until it is all liquid. Add the potatoes and put them in a hot oven uncovered until they are golden brown and crispy (approximately 30 minutes). You can time this to serve immediately or re-heat them later in a hot oven. 
  • Your pork that you rolled should now be cut into medallions ready for pan frying. Simply slice into 2 inch pieces and then remove the glad wrap. Do the same for the black pudding as well. In a pan add oil and heat then add your medallions and black pudding so they sizzle. Cook on all sides until they are golden brown and the black pudding is crispy. The pork can be slightly pink if you don’t mind this.
To Serve: Heat the other ingredients and plate how you see fit. Above is my example.

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